Thursday, December 4, 2008

Doris's Thanksgiving Trip to Guam

Doris left for Guam on Wednesday morning right before Thanksgiving. She had a great time. Just look at the pictures. I was at home with the kids. We went to the Suicide Cliffs and ate Pizza for Thanksgiving. We went to a Birthday Party on Friday. We went to see "Bolt" on Saturday. We also saw, for the first time "The Little Mermaid" (the Sea Witch scared Amaris and she ran over and grabbed me) and "Ice Age". We did other things to and had a good time. Doris bought a bunch of stuff on Guam. Thanks to Jeanette and Brian for letting Doris stay with them. To Margie and Patrick for the annual party (wish I could be there, but I doing real work for a change)and Katherine (thanks from Amaris) and Bob for... well, for just being Katherine and Bob. Plus, some shots of Clark and Amaris dressed for Church.

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