Monday, December 29, 2008

Birmingham Saipan Christmas 2008

It was a great Christmas in the Birmingham house. Amaris was the first to wake up and ran down the steps to see her new pink scotter (see YouTube video) Clark got a skateboard (with protection)and a real basketball (we are having a basketball goal installed next week). It will not be sturdy enough to slam dunk, but if he's doing this, were moving back to the States and contacting the NBA. Amaris tried to sneak a "Santa Cookie". Santa might be better off if she did, but that's another story. They also got one of those dance games you hook up to the TV. Clark seems to have fun with it. We did our usual trip to the suicide cliffs with a Big New Yorker Pizza from Pizza Hut. The played with their toys. In the afternoon we went to see "The Tale of Desperaux". We all went to bed about 8:30pm and had a good night's sleep. Again, another great day on Saipan.

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