Friday, May 23, 2008


The last day of Clark's Grace Christian Academy Kindergarten was celebrated with a party including Karaoke kids songs. I went over for the last 30 minutes to get pictures and video. This was the last day with their teacher "Miss Melissa" Harper. This was her first year of teaching. She will be back at GCA in the fall, but with a new class. As I watched them play I wondered how much of this he would remember. He may see pictures later, but that's not the same thing. In a relatively short time most(probably all) of the people in the room will only be a picture to him. He will make new friends and have new experiences, and so will they. But for this day they are happy and together. For one picture they are forever.
As I watched him play at the party, I tried to remember my kindergarten class. A few images and thoughts come to mind, but nothing I can put into context. The truth is I have not talked communicated with anyone from that class in at least 30 years. I have posted pictures and updates on those alumni sites that seem to crop up on the Internet. In August, 1977,I just moved out (to Baylor) and never returned to my home town except to see family. I have my memories and am busy making new ones. I wonder what Clark and Amaris will do?

Monday, May 12, 2008


Here is Mommy with her two kids and I even threw in a picture of me. We went to the Aqua Resort for lunch and they also had a free family portrait with the meal. We have very few pictures of all four of us together, so this was a nice service by the hotel.
As usual, we ate then came back home to take a nap. We woke up around 4:30pm and went out on the balcony to play tag with the kids. We played outside for about an hour and the sun started to go down. We went back inside and the kids had their usual Sunday treat- microwave popcorn. The most fun is watching it pop. Even better was the power not going off anytime that day, which is rarity. Our power was off from 9:30pm-Midnight on Friday and about an hour late Saturday night.
All-in-All another nice day on Saipan.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Go Fly at Kite!

I took Clark and Amaris out kite flying on Sunday. This is their third kite. The other flew OK, but did not hold up very well at the house. We discourage kite flying in the house, but they still try. This is a nice kite for %5.99. It is a boat with three sails and has what must be 100 feet of string, which we let all out.
With all of the wind here we should probably be an kite flying destination.
These pictures were taken over at the softball field near the legislature. I know we would have much more wind had we waited until the House or Senate was in session but...