Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend with the Kids

Normally you like to be together with your family on Thanksgiving. However, this is not the case since we moved from Guam to Saipan. I lived on Guam for eight years and Doris for four years. We have many friends down there, espeically Doris. So each year she goes to Guam to visit and I stay with the kids. We have fun, although they can be a double handful. Clark and Amaris made a Thanksgiving sign that we put in our picture window. We visited the unfortunately named suicide cliffs on Thanksgiving and ate pizza and Clark rollerbladed and Amaris jumped on her bouncy ball. The wind was probably about 45 mph and almost blew away everything. It's very pretty up there and the view is great. Of course, about 1000 jumped off of these and the Banzi cliffs during WWII. The Banzi cliffs are are the other pictures you see with water. A nearby Typhoon kicked up the waves. Also, Amaris won a prize at a birthday party on Saturday.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Here are some random photos. The big one is Clark's "Star of the Week". We put up a lot of photos in his classroom. Plus, pictures of Halloween (Clark was a Ninja and Amaris was, suprise, a princess). Amaris playing with her princesses, Clark skating and climbing a tree. Both ready for bed.