Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama will be President

Well, it was an historic election. The idea that the USA could elect a black man president says more about the USA than Obama, and I mean that in a good way. I do understand the pride that the black community must feel.
There are as many ways to look at Barak Obama as there are people looking.
My main concerns are the following:
First: Forget the fact that he's African American, he's a liberal democrat which is scary for anyone that wants to get ahead in the world. His "redistribution of wealth" (his words) already has the stock market moaning. Those evil rich people! I guess I could agree because I'm not rich, but it's the Democrat definition of "rich" that should have everyone concerned. Although the Dems won't say it, if you have a job, your rich! If they CAN take money from you they will. After all, they need to give to the people that have nothing so they can have the good life also. Nevermind that they don't work or do anything else for society. It's someone elses fault that they are in the shape they're in. And the Democrats are there to make everything better. And to give them a ride to the polling places.
Second: This financial mess that we are in is not his fault, but he will be the one responsible for cleaning it up, which is a bit unfair, but hey, that's the way it is when you're President. He can blame the actions of the former administration, which may be true, but in the long run it does'nt give you a free ride. He has promised alot, but I don't really think he will be able to deliver and I will hold his feet to the fire when he does not. It's not OK for a politican to say anything to get elected, but get elected they do. Getting re-elected is a hard thing. And you better believe, like ever other President, he started to run for re-election on November 5th.
Third: How far to the left will Obama move to serve his radical constituancy? We already have nationwide protests for gay marriage. They feel more bold now that their guy will soon be in the White House. This is the part I fell best about. I think he will move to the center. Bill Clinton governed from the center and did a good job for eight years. I don't like the Democrat agenda much, but I would probably vote for Bill Clinton again.
I don't feel bad about Obama as President, but I don't understand why some people are just so gaga over him. For black americans this would be understandable just for the fact that he was black. I would say that he has basically a cult of personality feel about him. Let's face it, the real competion for Obama was not John McCain, but Sarah Palin, which is why the media and other Democrats treated her so shamfully. What about Joe Biden? He has promised that America will be attacked, and soon. The man is a human gaff machine, but the media did not seem to care. And now the McCain staffers are coming out with negative things about Palin. Why? Because they are scared of her to. Remember, most of the comparsions in the elections were made between Obama and Palin. What does that mean? Forget what she did in this campaign. The only reason that McCain did not get beat by 10 points was because of Palin. She will be back and she will bring her A game.
Am I worried? Not from the perspective of Obama being president. He is a smart guy and I would expect him to the smart thing. I really hope he is successful.


Doug said...

Hi, glad you grew up a conservative. This is Douglas Clark Johnson, remember me? Glad to see your doing good. Kids look great, mine are both in college now. Glad to see that you kept the Clark name going. Did you notice the group Obama's surrounding himself with? It looks like it's mostly the old Clinton crew and his party enemies. This is change? What we could use is a conservative somewhere. Have fun, Doug

Boy Scout Archiver said...

Wow! Cousin Doug! Let me know your e-mail address. Mine is:

Susan said...

Hey Cuz...its Susan here, the better one of our clan. Your kids are beautifull! Don't let Dougs college age kids get to you...Personaly I'm thrilled my kids aren't the youngest ones in the family! Email me soon