Monday, June 27, 2011

Christmas, Easter, and Clark's Birthday

Again, I have been remiss in putting up these videos. This is Christmas 2010 (but I am going to do another YouTube with the present opening). It has Easter at the Fiesta Resort. Clark won the Easter Egg coloring contest and Both Clark and Amaris won the Egg Toss. I don't think they understood the rules of the Egg Toss and the reason they won is they were the last with an unbroken egg. Enough said. We took the prize and proud parents and ran off before they could figure it out ;)_
This also has the Christmas play put on by Grace Christian Academy. We did not realize that Clark had about a 102 fever when he did this. He was sick the next week, but school was out so he did not miss any days. We have more shots of the Cliffs and making Christmas stockings. All in all pretty good stuff

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