Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spring on Saipan 2011

Lots of stuff going on in the Spring. Clark and Amaris had their class field trip at the Saipan World Resort Wave Jungle. Doris and I went as chaparones. The next week they had their class parties to end the year. At Adwards Day Clark received three awards. He got a trophy for winning the GCA Bible Sword Drill and Honor Roll. He also received a medal for finishing 3rd in the islandwide PGFC forensic competition in Impromptu Speech. He is in 3rd grade and competed with other 3rd graders as well as 4th and 5th graders islandwide. Amaris did not get an award and as you can see by the her face she was not very happy. She is only in 1st grade so she will have lots more opportunities. Anyway, we got her a pink doughnut and she was happy again.
Also there are some shots of them opening up presents from Grandparents. Amaris is getting a makeover from Mom and Amaris lost her first tooth. The tooth fairy came that night.
I had to work on Mothers Day, but we had a surprise party for mommie the next Saturday. We surprised her when she came back from church. We had balloons, cake, and Clark and Amaris sang a special song for mommy. It was fun.

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