Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh, there's a lot going on this summer! Clark has Taekwondo 3 days a week and both Clark and Amaris have swimming lessons three days a week and music lessons two days a week. Clark on Drums and Amaris on Piano. We also went to the Cliffs-Again- on Monday, July 5th. Lo and belhold one of the bands that marched in the Liberation Day the day before came to the cliffs and gave an impromptu concert. We and the people that followed them up there were their only audience. After leaving the cliffs we went to the "The Last Airbender" The kids went to a birthday party at the Palms Resort. They had a lot of fun swimming, eating cake, and hitting the pinanta. I am going to post some other things soon. They both got some very special gifts.

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Lovey L.T. Johnson said...

You are all too cool for school! Love you Clark and Amaris! You are just darling....and cute as can be. Glad you are having fun. I love you. Aunt Becky.