Monday, July 28, 2008

New House Photos

Well, it's not exactly a new house and it's not our house. We are renting, as everyone like me has to do on this island. We are forbidden to own land by law (Article 12 of the Constitution) that says only people that have at least 25% Chamorro/Carolinian blood can own land. As people inter-marry even the locals will dilute their blood so that the grandkids cannot own land. Outside of Indian Reservations, this is is probably the only place under the American flag that a Citizen of the US cannot own land. However, there is not probition against locals owning land in the USA. This will probably change in the next few years as locals have seen their property be worth about 20% of what it would be in
Guam or Hawaii (even more so on Hawaii). I get to have a nice rental rate, but no equity. Might as well be flushing it down the toliet.
I do like the house. It is three stories and has spiral staircase from top to bottom. We have a huge Pala Pala area next to house with a "Dirty Kitchen". We even have toliet and shower at the Pala Pala. We have balconies on the second and third floor and a great view of the ocean from the big sliding glass doors on each floor. We see the ships at night with their lights on. We are only about a mile as the crow flies form the tourist district, but when you're at the Pala Pala you cannot see another house. Just trees and green.
We are very close to Grace Christian Academy and Gold's Gym, both place we frequent and we should be able to save a bunch of $$$ on gas.

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