Friday, June 20, 2008

A Family of Goats

I would like to introduce you to my family. I am Billy the Goat (not very creative I will admit). My six-year old son Randy the Goat (he picked it). My 3-year old daughter Mermaid the Goat (could have been "Princess")and my wife, Elephant the Goat (don't really know why). You may ask why we are goats. The answer is simple. Goats don't need power. Maybe you can play this game at your house. Maybe you can be sheep, or cows, or ducks. Oh, the wonderful things you can do when there is no power. Actually, my 6-year old gets very upset when the power goes off, but he quickly recovers. The 3-year old doesn't know any better. I sweat. The moon was full and very bright last night. It was beautiful. So the next time a coconut falls on your head, make coconut juice (or go to the hospital). Note: Below is shocking video (it is dark so facial features cannot be recognized) of what really happens when the lights go out on Saipan. Keep telling yourself, "It's only a video blog. It's only a video blog".

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