Wednesday, November 14, 2007

October and November happenings

Well, not a lot happening in the Birmingham household in the last month. Here are some of the high points.

Last week Clark lost one of his front teeth. He had been playing with it for awhile. It was not scary for him because he had already lost his two bottom teeth (see picture). We went to the Halloween party at the Hyatt. Clark won the "Best Dancer" prize. I have really never seen him move like this. He was really dancing! Amaris was dancing also, but she won the "Prettiest Princess" prize. I have pictures, but they came out very dark so I am not posting.
Doris is going to Guam for Thanksgiving. She is going to see her friends and go to their Thanksgiving party. She will leave on Wednesday and get back on Sunday just in time for my funeral. The children will be fine as they will be dancing on newly dug grave, which I dug and threw myself inside. Oh, just kidding, I'm looking forward to four full days with nothing but me and the kids. But, just in case, in lieu for flowers please send money or memorials in my name to the Bikini Bottom Historical Preservation Society.
Another Mid-Term Election on Saipan, or as I call it, Saturday. Note: I did vote
Politics on Saipan is like the Weather. It never changes, but is really never perdictable more than 3-4 days out.
Baylor is going to fire their football coach. I don't wish Coach Morris any ill will, but, hey, it's time buddy. I vote for Michael Singletary. We actually started at Baylor at the same time and worked out together in the Baylor Football off season our Freshmen year. He was a hoss then.
The other pictures are of Clark's "Parade of Countries" Day. His class chose Vietnam. Yeah, when I was his age I'm sure we would have picked Vietnam. Let's see, that would have been around 1966...
Anyway, we could not find any true Vietnam clothing, so we went with the standard pirate. He was a Vietnamese Pirate. Last year he was and Indian Pirate. Starting to see a trend here..
We will post more, later.

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