Monday, October 1, 2007

Amaris Birthday Party!

Saturday was Amaris Mae Dela Pena Birmingham's Birthday. She is now 3. We had Chocolate Ice Cream Cake from the Aqua Resort. She got a pink bicycle and a little girl kitchen. She also got some "jewelry", make-up kit, and some other nic-nacks. Clark got a jump rope. We had pizza for supper. She really wanted Pizza. OK, she kinda wanted pizza. OK, she didn't want pizza at all, so I ate it! Note: The putting together of the kitchen set was very interesting. It came in about 100 pieces. The directions were rather easy to follow and everything fit. It took me four hours to assemble. I just wonder who had the idea to make this in the first place. The time and effort it took to put all of this together could have probably best been used for something else, like planning a flight to Mars or along those lines. Anyway, Amaris had a good time.


Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday little princess! I hope all of your birthday wishes come true! Teta Becky

curtis03 Lewis said...

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