Wednesday, August 22, 2007

If it's Tuesday, it must be Fiji OR What could the Government do with $1,500,000?

CNMI Government could:

  • Pay off a lot of rebates

  • Buy a lot of textbooks

  • Create a "Bikini Bottom" Theme Park

Well, the list goes on, but the one thing they want to do is spend it on something called House Bill 15-289 which is "To Establish an Advisory Commission on Land Ownership in the CommonWealth, and other purposes".

Not a bad idea, but do we need to spend $500,000 per year ("The Legislature shall provide through annual appropriation a budget to the Commission of not less than five-hundred thousand ($500,000) per fiscal year...") to be used for the purpose of "studying the land ownership question..." and for "Public education and comment". The money starts pouring in as soon as the law is passed and ends as late as January, 2011 (3 years)

I am sure that the commission would need to get as much information about how one goes about actually owning land. They would probably need to take trips to Nevada (Las Vegas) to see how they do it there. Want to see how Hawaiians own land? A week long trip to there would be a great idea. Might I also suggest trips to Fiji and Australia to see how they do it. Got to get that informatiion on how to own land.

Hey, I have an idea. And my two cents won't cost 1.5 million!

Produce a brochure detailing the Pros and Cons of Article 12. Print it in the Newspaper, mail it to residents, and post it on-line. This should cost no more than $50,000 (still a lot of $$$). Then let people vote

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Jeff said...

It's probably a way to buy off the right people for do nothing jobs to provide political cover for doing the sensible thing of ending Article XII.